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Tips on Vaulting Empty Tips on Vaulting

Post  GreyWolf on Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:05 am

I want to know how to vault onto my horse's back, not for compeition, just for general riding, to get quick access and being able to ride him straight in the paddock, it would be a nice skill to have. He's 13.2 hands, Arabian x Welsh Mountain Pony and he doesnt mind me kicking him in the butt after 50 attempts. I just cant get enough air to get a successful jump. I managed to jump onto my other horse, but she was 11.2 hands, for her I just placed my hand near her wither and rump and jumped and swinged my leg over. She was a purebreed Welsh Mountain Pony. I just need some ideas/tips or excerises that can help me imrpove my upper arm strength to jump onto him. I'm 15 years and 4.9ft but i do have good upper arm strength for most girls my age. i just cant get that extra height. Answers and tips would be appreciated.


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